Army Spokesman: Armed forces liberate large areas north of Al-Jawf


September Net

Army’s Spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdu Mujali said on Monday the armed forces, backed by fighters of the Arab Coalition Supporting Legitimacy, have liberated large areas in the regions of Al-Yatamah and Al-Mahashimah in Khab and Al-Shaaf district north of Al-Jawf province, after beating the Houthi rebel militia.

Speaking to September Net, Brig. Mujali said the heroes of the army carried out successful ambushes and operations against the Houthi militia west of Al-Yatamah, advancing and taking new positions and the district’s surroundings.

In Al-Mahashimah front, the spokesman said, the army forces launched large-scale offensive operations resulted in large losses in life and equipment among the militia and the capture of several militiamen.

He confirmed that military operations in Al-Jawf are continuing in various areas and fronts until the province, as well as the whole country, is completely liberated from the Houthi militia.


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