Road to peace is clear but it collides with Houthi maximalism, says PM

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September Net

Yemen’s Prime Minister said the road to peace between the Legitimate Government and the Houthi militants is clear but it collides with Houthi maximalism.

In a meeting with the Dutch ambassador to Yemen Irma Marie van Duron in Riyadh, Ma’een Abdulmalik said a key obstacle to peace is also the continued Iranian armament and finance of the theocratic militia, which defies the UN resolutions and perpetuates the war.

Abdulmalik hailed “the strong international position” that finally limited the Houthi ability to manipulate and steal humanitarian aid. “The international tolerance (of Houthi abuse) had emboldened the Houthis to steal the aid and harness it for the war effort for several years,” he said.

The Dutch ambassador on her part hailed the Yemeni government’s efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and vowed continued Dutch support to Yemen.


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