Houthi militia suffers heavy losses in warfronts


September Net

The Yemeni Armed troops launched on Tuesday artillery shelling on positions of Iran-backed Houthi militia in Qatabah district western Al-Dhale province, south of Yemen.

The army’s shelling targeted and destroyed two weapons stores belong to Houthi militia in the area of Habeel Al-Abdi north of Fakher front, and also killed and wounded a number of Houthi militia elements.

The Houthi rebels suffered heavy losses in both personnel and combat supplies due to their failed attempts to infiltrate liberated positions in Fakher warfront, western Qatabah district.

In Lahj province, the army forces foiled today an infiltration attempt launched by Houthi militia in Karesh front.

Groups of Houthi militants attempted to sneak into liberated sites in Markhouma and Dawari mountains eastern al-Rahedah city, but the army forces spotted them and forced them to flee, after incurring losses in lives and combat equipments.

In Hajjah province, the fighter jets of Arab Coalition to support legitimacy struck locations and gatherings of Houthi militia in Harrad and Mustaba districts, killing and wounding several militia elements and also destroying a number of their combat vehicles.


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