Gov’t suspension of RCC membership to ‘review feasibility of Stockholm Agreement’

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September Net

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Al-Hadrami said the government’s suspension of its membership in the Redeployment Coordination Committee which oversees mutual redeployment of government forces and Houthi rebels in Hodeidah is meant to review the feasibility of the Stockholm Agreement.

In a meeting with the US ambassador to Yemen Christopher Henzel, al-Hadrami made clear the suspension “is meant to review the feasibility of the Stockholm Agreement in light of the continued Houthi violations of the deal.”

“The government had shown so much patience versus the Houthi maximalist avoidance of the Hodeidah Agreement for one year,” he said. “But the government can’t tolerate things anymore when it comes to direct deliberate attacks on government officers on (ceasefire) observation posts.”

He called on the UN to bear its responsibility in ensuring the safety of the governmental team involved in implementing the Hodeidah Agreement.


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