Houthi seizure of private university in Sana’a a continuation of usurping episodes

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September Net

Yemen’s Minister of Information said the Houthi seizure of the private University of Sciences and Technology in the capital Sana’a is “a continuation of the rebel militia’s episodes of usurping” private properties.

In a statement to Yemeni News Agency Saba on Saturday, al-Eryani said the militia’s forcible detention of the university’s administration, taking hold of the university and appointing militants to run it “is a continuation of the militia’s episodes of usurping the private sector since their seizure of power in 2014.

He said the militia are striving to poison the brains of the coming generations by entrenching Iranian-inspired fanatical (religious) beliefs into their minds.

Hundreds of female students at the university organized a rigorous demonstrations on Saturday to condemn the Houthi militants taking of control of the university


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