Report: Houthi militia committed over 20,000 rights violations in Amran in 4 years

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September Net

The Director of the Ministry of Human Rights branch office in Amran said on Tuesday the Houthi militia committed 19,711 rights violations against civilians in the province of Amran over the past four years.

Naser Ebrahim said in a press conference to release a human rights report that the Houthi abuses included 1130 cases of killing civilians among them 423 women and children and 1180 cases of injuring and maiming civilians.

He said the report documents 2722 violations against Amran children including killing, injury, recruitment into the warfronts and raping.

The report also documents 1566 arrests and enforced disappearance cases, 181 house arrests and 377 torture in enforced disappearance.


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