Spokesman: Army responses to militia’s escalation with surprised attacks


September Net

Spokesman of the Yemeni Army Forces said the army launched on Tuesday surprised attacks on a number of positions controlled by the Houthi rebel militia in Serwah and Makhdarah fronts western Marib, as well as in Qania front in Al-Bayda.

Brig. Gen. Abdu Mujali confirmed in a statement to September Net that the attacks were conducted in response to the escalation of the Houthi militia, pointing to significant losses in life and equipment among the militia elements, in addition to the capture of a number of them.

“The fighting is continuing on the three fronts, amid major decline and collapse among the militia’s ranks,” he said.

He explained that battles coincided with heavy artillery shelling by the army and strikes by Arab coalition fighters targeting positions and reinforcements of the militia, causing serious losses in elements and machines for the rebels.

He said that the Houthi militia fired missiles into heavily-populated residential neighborhoods in Marib city, resulted in martyrdom of number of civilians including children and women, as well as destroying a number of houses, shops, and cars, considering such Houthis’ violations as war crimes and a serious breaches of International Humanitarian Law.

The spokesman affirmed that the armed forces will keep on the liberation mission of homeland and will never abandon its oath in defending legitimacy, revolution and republic as well as national gains.


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