Army downs 3 Houthi drones in Serwah and Al-Bayda


September Net

Yemeni armed forces shot down on Tuesday two bomb-laden drones launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in the west of Marib province.

The armed troops managed to down the two Houthi militia drones after a surveillance operation in Serwah front.

Violent clashes erupted in Serwah district between the army forces and the Houthi militia, during which the militia inflected heavy losses in life and combat equipment.

Earlier this morning, Arab coalition supporting Yemeni legitimate government launched several airstrikes on positions of Houthi rebel militia in Serwah front, causing losses in both personnel and combat equipments among militia’s ranks.

In the context, the army forces shot down yesterday a bomb-laden drone launched by the Houthi rebels in Qania front north of Al-Bayda province.


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