Yemeni Defense Minister praises public support for national military


September Net

Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohammed Ali al-Maqdashi praised the nation-wide alignment of the Yemeni peoples in the government-held regions with the national military in the battle against the Houthi rebel militia.

His remarks came as he chaired a meeting Tuesday included the governors of Marib, Sana’a and Ryma governorates Maj. General Sultan al-Arradah, Maj. General Abdullqawi Sharif and Mohammed al-Howri.

Deputy governors of Al-Baidha, Dhamar and Amran governorates were also in attendance.

The meeting devoted to discuss the ongoing combat operations against the Houthi rebels.

The session’s attendees stressed the need for national mobilization in the government-held regions to support the national military in the battle for ending the militia’s coup and regain the state’s institutions.


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