Yemeni Government welcomes UN Secretary General’s call for cease-fire to control coronavrius

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The Yemeni Government has welcomed the call by the Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterrs to a cease-fire in Yemen to cope with the outbreak of Coronavirus-COVID-19.

The Government also welcomed the call of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General Martin Griffiths to resume the truce and halt military escalation.

The Government affirmed in a statement on Wednesday that the situation in Yemen politically, economically and health requires to halt military escalations and to join efforts along with the International Community to maintain the lives of the citizens, reacting responsibly to the pandemic.

The Government voiced appreciation for the UN’s efforts, asserting that it will deal constructively with the UN’s good offices aiming to reinstate the official authority, stop bloodshed and contribute to the efforts to manage the risks of the pandemic, prevent its spread in the Yemeni territories.


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