President Hadi hails Sabais’ sacrifices in defending the revolution and republic

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September Net

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi hailed the sacrifices of the people of Saba region in defending the republic and republican revolution against the Houthi theocratic agenda.

In a phone conversation with Maj. Gen. Sultan al-Errada, the governor of Marib, the capital of the federal region, Hadi said the people of Marib and the whole Saba region have always “pioneered the struggle for freedom” as proved currently by their resistance of the Houthi militia and “offering sacrifices for the victory of a new federal Yemen based on justice, equality and good governance.”

Hadi urged the local government to keep up the effort of ensuring security and stability and providing basic services in the city which houses to tens of thousands of people internally displaced by Houthis from different parts of Yemen.

The rebel militia continue to launch missile attacks and repeated attempts to invade the city despite UN calls for ceasefire to focus Yemeni efforts in preventing the hazard of coronavirus.


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