Imamates’ discrimination vs Republic’s equality

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Imamates’ discrimination vs Republic’s equality

Beginning as a religious group, the Houthi became a political movement in the early 1990s.

With its absolute loyalty to the racist Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, his sons and relatives, the Houthi movement has worked to build ideological militias, within its control in the province of Sa’ada.

The Houthi militia is not aware of the purpose of its existence, instead the absolute obedience of Badr Al-Din family (the father of Hussein Al-Houthi, the movement founder).

Moreover, the Houthi militia’s approach is based on a hateful racism, which Islam has come to eliminate, in exchange for a new era of justice and equality for all people.

The Houthi militia’s ideological and culture background are based on the principle of a racial discrimination and slavery, lacking of coexistence and acceptance of the other, who does not belong to the same family, this makes Houthi militia’s culture and thought in contractions with Islamic culture.

The bloody conflicts between Hawashim family (those who believe they are descendants of the Prophet Mohammad) and the tribesmen in the provinces that are still under the militia’s control, confirm the Houthis’ refusal to accept or coexist with the other.

The Houthi’s racial discrimination is more terrible than that which was in Mecca before Islam.

On the basis that Hawashim of Sa’ada province are superior, and the others are inferior, the Houthi establishes a racial discrimination within Hawashim family itself, so, fierce battles have been taken place in Sa’ada and Taiz provinces between Hashem themselves, confirm the Houthi’s racial discrimination even into the one family.

Houthi betrayed all of his allies, and many of them were killed. It means that it is impossible to coexist with the Houthi group, because it is a group of treachery, theft and discrimination.

Yemeni people will not live in peace unless the Houthi group is eliminated. The goal will not be achieved without standing all Yemenis, supporting the national army in a decisive battle against the most heinous racist group in the ancient and contemporary history of Yemen.


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