Army liberates strategic sites in Serwah and Nihm


September Net

Yemeni armed forces liberated on Wednesday large areas of Hilan mountain range in the west of Marib province.

The army backed by popular resistance launched an offensive operation which liberated a number of mountain heights in the strategic Hilan mountain western Marib.

The army forces have also liberated a number of positions around the mountain and continue to advance in the meantime.

A number of Houthi militants were killed and their bodies still scattered in the clashes sites, and also a number of their combat vehicles were destroyed.

In conjunction, the Arab coalition raids targeted militia gatherings, reinforcements in the same front, causing human and material losses.

In the same context, the army  continues to advance, recapturing a number of important positions in Nihm front amid a major collapse of the Houthi militia..

Moreover, the army launched several attacks on the Houthi positions in the east of Al-Hazm city in Al-Jawf province, killing and wounding several militants.


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