Prime Minster: Houthi militia keeps on refusing truce, peace

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September Net

Prime Minster Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik stated that Houthi rebel militia has continued to commit hideous crimes against civilians in Taiz.

To support his argument, the Prime Minister cited the militia’s attack today, Sunday, against the women section in the central prison in the city of Taiz. Five women are reported to have been killed and a dozen more wounded.

” This is clear indication that the militia is determined to go on its hostile policy and plain rejection to establish truce and peace”, said Ma’een.

In a telephone conversation he conducted Sunday with the governor of Taiz Nabil Shamsan, the Prime Minister pointed out to the militia’s attack on Saturday against the Safer oil pipeline pumping station and the militiamen’s attempt to target the Saudi territories.

He said” All these crimes against the civilians should have provided one more solid proof to the International Community that this militia is bloody, determined to further deepen the conflict and prolong the war”.


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