Child killed, his brother wounded by Houthi militia snipers in Taiz

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September Net

A child was shot dead and his brother wounded on Monday by the Iran-backed Houthi militia snipers in the north of Taiz city southwestern Yemen .

Local sources told September Net that the child Saber Abdu Al-Samadi, 10, was killed and his brother Mohammed, 8, injured this morning in Al-Sfarra area by snipers of Houthi militia stationed in Al-Zinoog area.

Moreover, the Houthi rebel militia committed yesterday a horrific massacre in the central prison western Taiz, targeting the women’s section with a ballistic missile, killing and wounding more than thirty women.

The Houthi rebel militia continues to shell peopled areas and sniping residents, killing and wounding a number of civilians, mostly children and women


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