President Hadi follows the implications of Houthis’ attack on the central prison in Taiz

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September Net

President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi ordered Sunday evening releasing all prisoners and those who are held in detention on accidental cases and incidents in Taiz governorate on bail and guarantee by their relatives.

The president’s order doesn’t include the prisoners on charge of criminal and grave offenses.

The President’s directive came during a telephone call he made Sunday evening with the governor of Taiz Nabil ShaTmsan.

In his phone conversation President Hadi intended to follow the subsequent implications of Houthi militia’s crime of shelling the women section in the central prison in the city of Taiz. The incident resulted in killing five women and wounding 11 more.

The governor reported the President about the developments in the governorate and local authority’s efforts to reinstate the government’s institutions and security services.


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