Ministry of Culture condemns Houthi militia bombing al-Qawba Castle in Hajjah

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September Net

Ministry of Culture strongly condemned the criminal action of bombing the Castle of al-Qawba in Hajjah governorate by Iran-allied Houthi militia against Yemen’s cultural heritage.

In a statement issued Sunday the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) learned, the Ministry said” This criminal act by Houthi militia intended to erase the landmarks of Yemen’s great history and civilization, it a flagrant violation of all international conventions about the protection of the cultural heritage”.

The Ministry stated that al-Qawaba Castle is one of the important monuments and historical sites in Hajjah and Yemen

The Ministry called on all interested international organizations above all the UNESCO, UNISDR and ICOMOS and ramp up pressure upon the militia to stop destructing Yemen’s cultural heritage.


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