Houthi militia.. the epidemic & the origin of the disaster

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militia is the epidemic and the origin of the disaster that befell Yemen and the Yemenis.

Besides being an armed militia rebelling against the state and its republican regime, the Houthi militia a bloody racist group founded on waging wars, killing Yemenis, and combat its wars against the Yemeni people since militia’s priestly grandfather Yahya Al-Rassi came to the happy Arabia land, 12 centuries ago.

Since then, the Yemenis have not tasted peace or safety. They ignited wars against the Yemenis, turning the happy Arabia green land into cemeteries.

Where will the UN and its envoy bring alleged peace to the Yemenis, and the Houthis are practicing terrorism and murder, claiming their divine right to rule and enslave Yemenis.

The Yemeni people are going through difficult years in the war of the Houthi militia, some dead and some disabled, and the majority are displaced.

The rebel militia began the coup, expanded in Sa’da province, marched and captured the capital, and took control of military and government institutions. Then the militia invaded cities and provinces successively, killing Yemenis and blowing up their homes.

The international community and its institutions saw nothing as if it was the one supporting the militia. Yet, we did not see any presence for the humanitarian situation.

Recently, the Houthi militia attacked Al-Jawf and Marib provinces, and the UN envoy had no position or point of view.

When the battle ended, and the militia defeated, the UN and its envoy saw the new outbreak of the coronavirus in the world as an opportunity to stop the war in Yemen and devote itself to confronting the epidemic, as the UN claims.

The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni government responded to this call and announced a two-week truce, and the national army and popular resistance actually committed to this call on the ground, but the militia does not accept such a truce and the militia’s history is full of promises.

The Houthi militia stepped up the offensive against Al-Bayda, Abyan, Marib, Al-Jawf, Al-Dhale, Taiz and Hodeidah provinces, refusing to adhere to the truce and committing further violations against Yemenis.

The international community and international human rights organizations demanded the release of all abductees and detainees in militia prisons before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, but the Houthi militia refused to do so in the silence of the United Nations and the international community.

Whatever, the national army, popular resistance and the tribesmen today will decide the battle and win over the militia. At that time, the Houthi militia will be buried in the graves of history.


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