Fatah condemns Houthi incitement against humanitarian organizations

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September Net

Minister of Local Administration, the chief of the national Supreme Committee for Relief Aid denounced on Sunday the systematic Houthi incitement and threats against the international humanitarian aid organizations operating in the coupist militia-held territories.

Abdurraqib Fatah said the militia intimidate the aid agencies and maintain blatant interference in their work which undermines the agencys’ humanitarian interventions and affects negatively the poorest families that depend on aid.

In a statement to Saba, Fatah said that the militia’s intimidation is nothing but an attempt to extort the aid agencies and direct their mission in the interest of the coupist militia.

Fatah condemned the silence of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Lisa Grande, and of the representative of the UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs towards this Houthi conduct.


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