Council of Ministers reviews precautionary measures to counter Coronavirus

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The Council of Ministers convened a session Tuesday presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik.
The discussion which held via videoconference devoted to assess the precautionary measures that have been taken to contain Coronavirus.

The instructions of the High National Committee charged with Coronavirus, subsequent implications upon national economy and action-plans to mitigate the impacts upon the citizens’ living conditions were reviewed.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health and Population briefed the Cabinet on the practical measures and steps taken at the national and local levels.

The Cabinet has adopted a vision includes urgent plan brought forward by the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation. The plan aimed to cope with the implications of Coronavirus pandemic upon food security. The plan incorporates some interventions need to be made urgently to manage the emergency effect of the pandemic upon food security.

The Cabinet has approved the Food Security and Strategic Supplies presented by Minister of Industry and Trade. The Plan is intended to cope the subsequent impacts of Coronavirus.

The Minister of Defense reported to the Cabinet about the developments in the battlefields combat operations in view of the Houthi militia’s continuous escalation despite of the unilateral cease-fire by the government and Saudi-led Arab Coalition. The Minister stated that the Houthi militia’s attacks on the national military’s positions have been continuing on the daily basis in different fronts.

The Cabinet discussed the problem of shortages of electricity supplies in the temporary capital Aden. The Minister of Electricity cited the reasons beyond increased- blackout hours.

The Cabinet directed the Ministry of Electricity and Energy to take urgent measures and explore solutions to address power shortages in the interim capital Aden.
The Council of Minisers approved official work hours during the month of Ramdan from :10:00 a.m. to:3:00 p.m.


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