Despite truce, Houthi militia continues to push large reinforcements to front lines


September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia continues to push large combat reinforcements to various battle fronts, as the army forces follow the ceasefire, in keeping with the orders of His Excellency President Field Marshal Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi, The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The Houthi militia pushed large reinforcements, whether human elements or combat vehicles, to the fronts of Sarwah, west of Marib province, Nihm front east of Sana’a, and Ahim front, in Hajjah province.

In the context, the Houthi rebel militia continues to shell various army positions in several fronts.

The Houthi militia carried out artillery shelling on army positions in the fronts of Taiz, Hajjah and Marib, which made the army responded.



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