In a week Houthi militia suffered heavy losses in Taiz fronts


September Net

 Over the past week, the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia has stepped up attacks on army positions in the frontlines of Taiz, following the army’s adherence to the ceasefire, and orders of President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, and in response to the UN call.

Houthi militants tried to launch repeated attacks on army positions in the air defense camp northwest of Taiz, 60th Street, and Al-Dhabab front, But the army repelled all those attacks and forced the militia to retreat and flee after heavy human and material losses.

The commander of the 17th Infantry Brigade, Brig. Gen. Abdul Rahman Al-Shamsani, confirmed in a statement to September Net that the militia has suffered major losses of life and equipment during its attack on army positions west of Taiz.

The Houthi militia doesn’t care about any calls or UN efforts for a ceasefire, he said, adding that the army has the right to respond to all these Houthi attacks.


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