Yemen Govt calls on UN, Arab League to condemn STC coup

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September Net

Yemen’s Government on Sunday called on “the United Nations, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to condemn the coup d’état” in Aden.

The separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) abandoned a November settlement deal with the government and suddenly declared “self-governance” in Aden.

In a statement, the Yemeni government called on the UN, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Gulf Cooperation Council to condemn the move and enforce the UN Security Council’s resolution that support the unity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Yemen.

The government held the STC headquartered in the UAE’s Abu Dhabi city responsible and called on the Arab Coalition to shoulder its historical responsibility toward the territorial integrity of Yemen.

The Yemeni government had met all its obligations under the Riyadh Agreement, whereas the separatist militia kept sidestepping it until it finally declared the “self-rule” and emergency state.

Welcoming the wide public demonstrations and condemnation statements by the southern governorates’ local governments and general public against the coup, the government said: “We hail the local governments, political parties and all the people in the different governorates for demonstrating a national consensual rejection of this reckless move” by the STC militia.

“These militia represent only themselves, not the people of the south who exemplified the national unity by their courageous stances.”


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