Arab Coalition calls for reversing separatists’ ‘self-rule’ move

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September Net

The Arab Coalition called on Monday for reversing the south Yemen separatists’ recent declaration of “self-rule” and “state of emergency” in Aden.

In a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi-led coalition emphasized the need to “abolish any move that violations the Riyadh Agreement” Saudi Arabia brokered in November 2019 between the Legitimate government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The Coalition called for expediting the implementation of the Agreement to unify the Yemeni ranks, restore the state institutions and enable the Yemeni state to “end the (Houthi) coup and confront terror organizations.”

The Yemeni government had abided by the terms of the agreement before the STC suddenly abandoned it and declared “self-rule.”


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