FM participates in Arab League ministerial meeting

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadhrami participated in the extraordinary session of the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting held at the request of Palestine to discuss the seriousness of the Israeli plan to annex the West Bank or parts of it and the potential consequences of this plan on the regional security and stability in the region.

During the meeting, the Arab foreign ministers discussed ways to provide political, legal and financial support to the Palestinian leadership in order to be able to confront these Israeli plans, and to enable the Palestinian government to face the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the aggressive Israeli measures that cause the Palestinian people more losses.

In a speech al-Hadhrami expressed pride of the solid Palestinian will and determination in the face of Israeli aggression including ethnic cleansing against Palestinians
Hadhrami said, “Israel exploited the world’s preoccupation with confronting coronavirus to move forward with its annexation projects to confiscate more Palestinian lands, build settlements and outposts, and undermine any future efforts or prospects for peace in the region.”


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