Epidemics kill Yemenis in Aden, 5 new COVID-19 infections have been recorded

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September Net

Yemen’s Supreme National Emergency Committee for COVID-19 confirmed on Wednesday the registration of five COVID-19 cases in the interim capital of Aden.

“The medical teams in the city have been performing their duties”, Dr. Nasser Ba Aum the Health Minister said.

Dr. Jamal Khadabsh, director of the Health Office in Adan, said to September Net that the health sector in Aden recorded 50 deaths of dengue fever, between January and mid-April this year.

He added, that the cases of death were distributed as follows: Dar Saad 13, Sheikh Othman 8 , Khor Maksar 7, Mansoura 7 , Al-Moala 6 , Al-Boriqa 5 , Serah 2, Tawahi 2 cases.

Since last Tuesday Aden province has been suffering from heavy rains and floods, with the spread of rainwater swamps in most of the province’s districts, as the process of removing the remnants of floods and rains slowed.



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