BaAum: govt hasn’t yet received any support from WB to counter Coronavirus

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September Net

Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Nasser BaAum stated that the government has not yet received any amount of funds from the World Bank (WB) to counter the Coronavirus pandemic.

He said” The government has only received support from KSrelief Center to stem the spread of the pandemic, KSrelief is the partner and major sponsor of the Yemeni government”.

He stated that the government has allotted 580 million Yemeni Rial (YR) distributed to local authorities in the governorates in addition to 500 million (YR) deposited in the Central Bank of Yemen (CYB) it will be distributed to the quarantine centers.

The Minister called on the local authority in Aden governorate to impose curfew in the governorate for two week at least so that medical teams tasked with observing the pandemic can do their job effectively.



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