Yemen Cabinet calls for UNESCO intervention to stop destructions in Socotra

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September Net

Yemen’s Cabinet has called on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to intervene to stop the destructive acts of Yemen’s separatist militia in Socotra archipelago.

Socotra, a worldwide popular tourist oasis 60 miles from the Horn of Africa and on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for its exceptionally rich and distinct flora and fauna, is now witnessing a constant unrest as a result of the Southern Transitional Council’s violent attempts to overthrow the legitimate government’s control.

In a meeting today, the Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik called on the international community and UN organizations mainly the UNESCO to take a firm stance against the destructive acts in the archipelago that had always remained geographically too far from the war of the Houthis and other terrorist militias.

The Cabinet condemned the STC’s attempt to militarize and militiaise the natural sanctuary.

The Cabinet called on the people of Socotra to cooperate with the local government in protecting the sanctuary in the face of backward armed militias.


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