Yemeni Vice President follows up situations in Taiz

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September Net

Yemeni Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh conducted a telephone call Thursday with the Governor of Taiz governorate Nabil Shamsan.

In his telephone call the Vice President wanted to know about the situations in the governorate and to follow-up the local authority’s efforts to reinstate basic services and the precautionary measures taken by the charged authorities to curb coronavirus pandemic following the registered cases of infections.

The phone conversation also touched upon the heroic battles have been fought by the government’s troops in Taiz against Iran-allied Houthi militants.

The governor reported to the Vice President about the situations in the governorate, mainly in the area of health, citing ongoing efforts by the apparatuses in charge to control coronavirus pandemic.

The Vice President advised more hard work and further efforts to improve basic services and stem the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the governorate


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