Govt holds rebels responsible for coronavirus in their respective regions of control

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Yemen’s government held rebels in the north and the south responsible for the transmission of coronavirus each in their respective regions of control.

In a tweet early Monday, the national coronavirus committee declared the separatists-controlled southern port of Aden, “an infested city” and said “the administrative and political situation in Aden is also hampering efforts to combat the coronavirus.” Thirty five infections with the novel coronavirus have been documented, four of them have already ended up in deaths.

Northward, the committee said the Houthi rebels are responsible for “covering up information on infections which endangers the general public.”

The committee accused the militia of “using the plague as a political card to extort the international community, a practice that has prompted the WHO to cease its activities in the Houthi-held regions.”
The government called for ending the movement of traffic between Aden and other governorates save commercial goods shipments to stem the spread of the virus. The government called on the international community especially donors to provide medical support to Aden to contain the virus and several diseases that became rife after last month’s flash floods in the city.

The government called for ending the control of the Southern Transitional Council and remedying the situation in Aden to allow the government to assume its responsibility towards its people.


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