Grand Funeral for Martyr Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Ziadi in Marib


September Net

The city of Marib on Tuesday, witnessed the funeral of the martyr Brig. Gen. M. Ahmed Al-Ziadi, commander of Al-Banta camp in Al-Jawf province, who was killed in clashes with the Houthi rebel militia on the outskirts of Al-Hazm, the provincial capital.

The attendees performed funeral prayers on the body of martyr Ziadi at the Radwan Mosque in downtown Marib, in a grand funeral procession of family members, colleagues of the martyr from the army and large crowds of citizens to the martyrs cemetery in the city.

The attendees praised the martyr’s competence and courage on various fronts of the fighting, against the Houthi rebel militia.

The attendees renewed the pledge to continue the struggle until the rest of Yemen’s soil is liberated from the hands of the Iran-backed rebel militia, and the restoration of the state and its various institutions.


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