The Martyr Brig. Gen. M. Ahmed Al-Ziadi


September Net

The martyr Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Yahya Al-Ziadi, was born in 1966 in Al-Sadda district in Almerkham, Beit Wohaish village, Ibb governorate.

He was married and has two sons, one daughter from his ex-wife, and three sons of his last wife.

In a small school called “Almealama”, the martyre started recieving his education and was always on the top in his classrooms.

At the same time he worked in his family farms and the family guardian because he is eldest son and his father was an expatriate in Saudi Arabia.

His passion for science and to acquire knowledge prompted him to travel to Sana’a and join the Sana’a Scientific Institute.

There, he completed his education and obtained high grades which qualified him to enter the Military Aviation College, before moving to the Military College.

Due to his educational excellence, the martyre receives a scholarship to the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, heading a group of Yemeni students sent by the government at that time to study long-range Ballistic Missile Engineering.

In 1993, he received his bachelor’s degree in Missile Engineering, then returned to Yemen to join the Yemeni Army, and became a senior engineer, expert and translator later on.

The martyr was an indispensable reference in his domain for the Yemeni army, especially in the military cooperation between Yemen and Russia, in addition to the significant arms deal between Yemen and North Korea in 2002.

He continued to take up duties in the army and got promotion to military positions, until he took command of the 6th Battalion in the Group of Missiles in Attan camp during Saleh regime.

Following the Houthi coup against legitimacy late 2014, the Houthi militia offered the martyr to work for them in installing and firing ballistic missiles in exchange for high financial approvals and promotions, but he favored to align with the Republic and the State of Yemen and fight in their ranks.

He managed to leave the militia-held Sana’a to Marib where he join the first nucleus of the National Army, participating side by side with the martyr Major General Abdul-Rabb Al-Shaddadi and his other comrades in the army believing in the justice of their cause and their military principles they sworn to abide by.

Despite the simple live Brigadier General Ahmed al-Ziadi and his family had living in rented apartment, the Houthis broke into his house several times and sabotaged its contents.

With the continued victories of the National Army on various fronts, and the liberation of Marib province and parts of Al-Jawf province, the army was able to rebuild their ranks, hand in hand with the resistance fighters in those areas, Brigadier Ahmed Al-Ziadi was appointed as head of teachers in Al-Nasr camp in Marib, and then the commander of Alabenat camp within the 6th Military Region.

The martyr remained the commander of the Alabenat camp until his martyrdom on March 1st, 2020, while fighting the Houthi militia on the outskirts of Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf province.

The martyr was one of the most humble people. He was not one of those who wear military uniform frequently, or those who exploit their positions to show up in large processions guarded by soldiers.

“We put on military uniforms to carry missions and for meetings of the leadership, not for bragging or showing muscle to the public”, the martyr’s words.



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