Assa’di : Yemeni Government has always been peace-seeker, reacted constructively to sincere calls for establishing peace

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The Yemeni Government reaffirms that is very keen to react positively to every sincere and earnest call to establish sustainable and comprehensive peace in Yemen in accordance with three terms of reference including GCC’s Initiative, Its operational plan, outcomes of National Dialogue and UNSCRs in relevance, namely 2216.

Yemen’s Permeant Representative to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Assa’di said” The ongoing war which triggered by Houthi militia has never been the Yemenis’ choice and the Yemeni Government has done everything to avoid it, offered many concessions to end, responded constructively to the calls of the UN Chief and his envoy Martin Griffiths to establish cease-fire to devote efforts to counter coronavirus”.

Speaking Thursday at the International Security Council’s open session Assa’di added” Houthi militia as usual intensified its attacks in more than one fronts, fired ballistic missiles on the residential zones in Marib city, stormed the house of the Yemeni woman Jihad al-Asbahi and brutally slaughtered her in a-Baidah governorate,…”.

Assa’ad stated that the Yemeni Government has done utmost efforts to put Riyadh Agreement into effect and it is still willing to do so but the Southern Transitional Council (STC) has proved intransigent blatantly rejected Riyadh Agreement by its declaration what it termed as ” self-administration of the south”.

He stressed that it is very important for the STC to abandon its unconstitutional declaration and come back to Riyadh Agreement.

Assa’ad called on the sisterly, friendly countries and International organizations to offer the urgently needed medical assistance to support the Yemeni Government’s efforts to counter coronavirus pandemic.


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