Commander of Serwah Front: Army secured key sites used by Houthi to attack Army’s sites


September Net

Brig. Gen. Ahmed Abu-Esba, Commander of the Serwah Front said in a statement to September Net that the army forces have secured key sites used by Houthi militia to attack army’s sites in Serwah Front, west of the Marib province.

“In the past few days, army forces have blocked Houthi rebel militia attempts to get any advance towards Marib”, he added. He pointed out that the militia lives a state of flux after losing one of its most prominent leader “Mohammed al-Homran”, commander of the so-called “Special Forces” during desperate offensive attempt to make any progress in Serwah.

The advances achieved by the army come within the framework of legitimate self-defense in order to prevent the continuous attacks by the militia in a clear exploitation to the ceasefire.


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