Coronovirus: Houthis’ new tool to loot merchants, citizens

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September Net/ Report

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has  exploited the Coronovirus diseases to  extort and loot merchants and civilians in areas of their control.

Under the pretext of fighting the pandemic the militia keeps make money by investing the virus and  terrorizing people, while covering real number of infected cases in their controlled regions.

Looting merchants

Houthi militia has been imposing levies on merchants by force, collecting more than 50 million riyals from merchants in Shumaila market under the banner of disinfecting streets, local source told September Net.

That huge amount is only from one single market, and they did that in several markets, the sources added.

The militia has obliged all merchants in Sana’a and other areas they control to pay the costs of spraying and sterilization supplies, claiming to fight  the pandemic, according to the sources.

This is in addition to the illegal levies and royalities the Houthis are forcing citizens and traders to pay under various names and logos.

“In past days the militia raided markets in Sana’a, demanding huge amounts for sterilization of streets. ,” the sources said. They forced each trader to pay between 80 to 150 thousands, and threatened shutting shops of whoever refuses and jail him, affirmed the sources.

Closing markets & shops

Late on Thursday, the Houthis closed number of commercial markets. They shut down markets in Jamal, Hatel Kumaim streets other markets in Sana’a justifying the closure as  preventive measures to spray and clear the markets, the sources said.

Meanwhile, number of merchants and businessmen reported that Houthi committees are also lunching sterilization and forcing them to pay levies and money by force.

Forcible Donation

Not only Looting merchants and shop owners, the Houthi militia also leaders of neighborhoods in Sana’a to force citizens to donate to the so-called Coronovirus sterilization campaigns. The militia even ordered the use of threaten and pressure against civilians who refuse to give donation, the sources said.

Secret burial

The Houthi militia is getting rid of coronovirus infected cases and bury them secretly in collective grieve yards, another local sources said.

The militia still refusing to admit the out break of the virus nor the number of infected cases.

Local sources in Ibb Governorate said Houthis treat victims of coronovirus inhuman, secretly burying them in an attempt to cover real figures of death.


Sources in Sana’a and other militia-held regions said the Houthis continue its media blackout and covering up on cases infected with the Covid 19  despite warnings by international organizations which revealed about  confirmed cases in Sana’a. They fear that doctors who remain with them will run away, and it would spread panic among population in their areas as well as increase price of goods.

The sources considered the move humanitarian crime which may lead to the death of thousands and it reveals how the militia don’t give any regard to the lives of people.

Targeting doctors

Houthi militia practice oppression toward doctors and Coronovirus suspected cases and do not take any real preventive measures to limit the rapid spread of the pandemic.

Sources in Sana’a said the militia threatens any one talks about the spread of the virus with three years in jails.

Informed sources quoted by Alasema Online said the militia confiscated the personal cell phones of all medical Staff working in Althawra public hospital and threatened them if they talk about the pandemic.

According to the sources, the coronovirus disease spread rapidly in Sana’a, pointing out that  Zayed Hospital is full of infected cases but the Houthi militia deny and cover up the news.

Attack health workers

Despite their efforts to save lives from the deadly virus with little potential and no salaries, the Houthi militia launched a brutal attack on health workers in Sana’a and various areas under its control.

This was revealed in a video showing Houthi activist Hussein al-Amalhi offensiving and insulting health workers.

The militia activist accused health workers and doctors with “treason and collaboration”. In return,  doctors themselves did not accept the accusation and responded in a statement issued by the Yemeni Medical Association to the Attorney General of the Militia in Sana’a, saying this case is an urgent case that “affects a large part of the community sector, namely health workers,” and the case was considered “a public opinion issue and a national political issue that cannot be justified.”

The Yemeni Doctors Union called on the attorney general in Sana’a to “quickly issue what you think is appropriate to deter the Houthi activist in accordance with the laws in force and what the stage requires, “in addition to demanding that all health workers be rehabilitated for all abuses directed against them.


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