Chief of Staff of Taiz Axis: major conspiracies against unity and Yemeni people & armed forces will pledge to fail them


September Net

Brig. Gen. Abdulaziz al-Majidi, chief of staff of Taiz axis said that, the battle in Abyan province is the battle to stabilize the Yemeni unity within the framework of the Federal State.

Al-Majidi said in an interview with “26 September Army Newspaper- will be published in the next issue” that, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) calls for secession are part of a conspiracy against Yemeni unity, stressing that all plots against Yemen and its republic and unity will fail miserably.

Al-Majidi pointed out that the announcement of the STC self-administration is the same as to suicide and the last of its papers after its members burned themselves.

“There is no fear for Yemeni unity, Yemenis will protect their gains,” he added.

“The national army is able to resolve the battle in Aden in a short time, but it takes into account the simple citizen humanitarian,” Al-Majidi said.

“The STC must implement Riyadh agreement or there’s no choice but for the army to settle the battle, which will not tolerate everything that threatens the homeland and unity.” he affirmed.

The chief of staff of the Taiz axis spoke in the dialogue, which will be published in the next issue, on several important issues, most notably the battle of Taiz against the Houthi rebel militia and the role of the army in the face of the Corona epidemic.


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