Yemen Info Minister says Houthis handle covid-19 plague the Iranian style

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September Net

Yemen’s Information Minister said the Iran-backed theocratic militia of Houthis controlling territories in the country’s north is handling the global covid-19 plague “in the Iranian style.”

Muammar al-Eryani told Saba “the death and infection figures coming from the Houthi-held areas usher in a catastrophe in light of the Houthi policy of denial (of the outbreak), the political exploitation of it … and hiding of data from the international organizations in the Iranian style.”

The Yemeni militia went even farther by “eliminating confirmed and suspected coronavirus patients.”

“The pandemic threatens millions of Yemenis in the Houthi-ruled areas as the novel virus spreads and the militia keeps copying the Iranian response.”

Al-Eryani appealed to “the international community, the UN Secretary General, his Special Envoy and the WHO to save” them.




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