Al-Iryani: Saudi Arabia mobilizes for supporting Yemen, Iran sends weapons for killing Yemenis

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September Net

Minister of Information Mua’mar al-Iryani has praised the role played by Saudi Arabia- in cooperation with the United Nations- for organizing and making the donor conference on Yemen 2020 successful.

Talking to Saba News Agency on Wednesday, al-Iryani said while the world has been occupied by its internal problems and political and economic challenges caused by corona virus, brothers in Saudi Arabia have not forgotten the world greatest crisis in Yemen over Houthi triggered war supported by Iran.

Saudi Arabia is the world leader in terms of supporting Yemeni people over its ordeal caused by Houthi militia and introducing the size of the crisis and mobilizing world’s support to Yemen, pointing to some countries, which used Yemeni people’s suffering a tool for political and media plots, he said.

On the role of Iran, said al-Iryani: ” we only saw from Iranian regime support to terrorist militia, shipments of weapons, ballistic weapons and drones and sending mine experts and explosive devices, which killed, injured and displaced thousands of Yemeni people.”

Addressing the international community, al-Iryani said; the best mean for supporting Yemeni people to overcome its ordeal is supporting it in regaining its state and toppling Iran-backed Houthi coup against the state.



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