Info Minister: Int’l community’s failure gives Iran ‘opportunity to implement plot’ against Yemen

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Yemen’s Information Minister said the international community’s failure to back the government extend its control the country’s whole territory gives Iran, through its Houthi proxy, “the opportunity to implement its plot against Yemen.

Muammar al-Eryani, in a statement to Saba, warned that the Houthi theocratic militia’s retention of control on significant parts in the country’s northwest will constitute a time bomb-like threat to not only Yemen “but also the region and the world.”

“Since they mounted a coup (on 21st September 2014), the militia have been persisting in a collective punishment against the Yemeni people: looting the public treasury and foreign cash reserves; looting all sorts of public revenues; withholding salaries of public servicemen; destroying, in an organized manner, the private sector and causing tens of thousands of people to lose their jobs and livelihoods; and stealing the international food aid from the mouths of the hungry.”

Al-Eryani noted that the international community did not listen to repeated warnings that the Yemeni militia are “run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and the decisions of war and peace are not in their hands, but in Tehran’s.”

Al-Eryani warned again that the religious militia are entrenching a terrorist ideology into the minds of the young and seeking to create, in their areas of control, a new demographic status where the generations get saturated with sectarian bigotry.”

Al-Eryani said the White House National Security Council’s remarks on Wednesday well highlight the harm the militia do to Yemen while the country’s neighbors and friends seek to help it out with humanitarian aid donations.





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