Fatah makes demands on UN organizations to help Hadhramout

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September Net

Minister of Local Administration, the Head of the Supreme Relief Committee Abdulraqeeb Fatah has called upon the UN Humanitarian Coordinator Liza Grande to direct UN relief organizations operating in Yemen to make quick interventions and help affected people in Hadhramout over heavy rains and help local authorities in rescue operations and sanitation.

He also addressed the Office of Coordinating Relief and Humanitarian Assistances provided by the Gulf countries and King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Activities Center to help affected people in the province.

He directed the local authority in Hadhramout to take necessary measures to alleviate suffering of the citizens and follow up activities of emergency committee and count damages and report immediately to the government for solution.

He confirmed that the government is follows up intensively effects of the tropical heavy rain witnessed by a number of provinces and will exert all effort to alleviate damages.


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