Health Minister calls Houthi militia to disclose the number of corona-victims

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Minister of Public Health and Population Nasser Ba-aum has called Houthi militia to shoulder their responsibility and disclose the number of corona-affected cases and to keep communication channels open for exchanging information and needs, taking into consideration public interest.

In a press statement on Thursday, he stressed dealing with the corona endemic responsibly and humanitarianly and away of political gains, calling international organizations to play their roles to estimate all cases in the militia-held areas and exert possible efforts for curing affected people.

He called upon citizens in all provinces to abide by precautionary measures, directing local authorities to continue awareness campaigns and to carry out necessary procedures to reduces infectious cases in all provinces.

He praised efforts of all supporters to public health in Yemen led by King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Activities Center and praised efforts of health cadre across Yemen.



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