Yemen demands int’l investigation into Houthi coronavirus-related crimes

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September Net

Yemen has demanded “an international investigation” into coronavirus-related crimes by the Houthi militia controlling the capital Sana’a and other territories.

In a statement to Saba, Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani said the theocratic rebel militia are killing people infected with the virus by “mercy injections”, reserving cemeteries and appropriate healthcare to the militia’s warlords and other members, and handling the plague in the Iranian style.

He said: “The militia have allocated Movenpick, a fancy hotel, as a quarantine for their members suspected of having the infection with covid-19. They have provided the quarantine with ventilators, medical equipment and skilled staff.

They also reserved the cemeteries in downtown Sana’a renaming them as the “Oasis of the Martyrs” to distinguish themselves from the ordinary Yemeni people.”

As a result, thousands of people in the hijacked capital city were left to “grapple with the virus”. The people had to “stay at home for fear of mercy injections” in the hospitals.

The minister said what is happening is like “genocides for the Yemenis.”

He said that “were it not the field reports that the competent authorities managed to obtain, nobody would know that hundreds of people are dying and thousands are getting infected in the major outbreak.”

He demanded the concerned international agencies “to condemn these homicides and atrocities that the militia are committing against the people and to pressure the militia into adopting transparency about the virus outbreak.”



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