Yemen Human Rights Ministry calls for broad opposition to racial Houthi law

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Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights called on Tuesday for a broad Yemeni opposition to a racial religious tax legislation the Houthi theocratic militia have enacted in their areas of control in northwestern Yemen.

In a statement, the Ministry called on the Yemeni “parliament, all other state and civil institutions including universities and trade unions to reject the law of the (Houthi) Political Council” which provides for levying fifth or 20% on all resources mostly for the benefit of the Hashemite particularly Houthi dynasty as descendants of prophet Mohammed.

“This law is the most dangerous racial document in modern day Yemen. It divides the society into two classes: exploiters and exploited,” read the statement, warning of “catastrophc consequences on the future of human rights and stability in Yemen as a result of the law.”

The ministry called on “all local and international organizations to incriminate the Houthi racisim in the same fashion of the global incrimination of Nazism, fascism and apartheid in South Africa.” The ministry also called on these organizations “to support the Yemeni people as they fight for freedom and dignity” in the face of the extremist theocratic militia.



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