Yemeni Parties: Houthi militias would not dare to enact Khumos system if not int’l community ignore their daily crimes

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Yemen’s political parties said the international community act blind as the Houthis pursue raciest dynastical ambitions.

The theocratic militia fighting the government for six years enacted this week a law that will allow them to levy 20% of the state revenues mostly to the benefit families alleged to be Hashemite class descendants which the Houthi leaders say they belong.

In a statement, the National Alliance of Political Parties, an inclusive umbrella, said, “Those militias would not dare to take such a step if not the international blind-eye approach toward their daily crimes … and the dynastical discrimination” which motivates their “longstanding war against the Yemeni people.”

The parties said the militias are aiming to reinstate the pre-1962 theocratic ” Imamite regime and its destructive and loathed history.”

The parties appealed to the “international community and advocates of human rights to condemn these racist acts” which do not differ from “Nazism and fascism” and to support the Yemeni people to struggle against this bigoted militia.


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