Army’s Spokesman: Army continues advancing in Nihm Front as Houthi militia suffered heavy defeats


September Net

Yemen’s Armed Forces Spokesman, Brig. Gen. Abdu Mugali, said that the army forces continue making victories, liberating key sites in Nihm district, eastern the capital Sana’a.

in a statement to September Net ha said that the army succeeded in eliminating the Houthi elements that tried to sneak into army’s sites in the area..

Army’s artillery backed by Arab coalition fighters targeted heavy weapons and equipment belonging to the Houthi, killing and wounding several militants in addition to destroying their combat vehicles

He appealed to the International Red Cross to collect the bodies of the dead Houthi militia from deserts and valleys.

He valued the logistical and air support provided by the Arab coalition supporting Yemeni legitimate government led by the Saudi Arabia.


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