Parliament directs questions to the government on funds shipment’s destination

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September Net

The Parliament Speaker Sultan al-Barakani directed Monday a memo including several questions asked by parliament members on looting public funds by the militia of the Southern Transitional Council while in their way to the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden.

The inquiry was about government’s reasons to allow taking the funds to Aden despite given reality the city under the militia, which is in war with the national army in Abyan.

The inquiry includes also questions like why the government allowed the militia to transport the funds to the bank and were not transported by the Arab Coalition’s forces? what were the measures taken for regaining the funds? and who is responsible on giving orders to the Transitional Council’s forces to transport the funds?

Speaker al-Barakani asked the Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik to answer the inquiry so as the MPs and the public opinion will be informed on the reality and then the Parliament will take constitutional measures.


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