FM, ambassadors of Group 5 discuss peace process developments

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad al-Hadhrami discussed Tuesday with ambassadors of the permanent members of the UN Security Council separately developments of peace process and necessity of finding a solution to Safir Oil Tanker and dangers it poses on environment in Yemen and the region if it leaks.

Continuous armed rebellion of the Southern Transitional Council was also discussed.

Al-Hadhrami made it clear that the government reacted positively to the UN Secretary General Envoy to Yemen’s call for ceasefire and economic and humanitarian measures, which were rejected by Houthi militia and continues hindering peace process and military escalation.

He stressed significance of focusing on the oil tanker issue and separating it from other issues with Houthis and not allow to the militia to play with this issue or politicize it.

He confirmed importance of taking measures by the Security Council to put pressure on Houthis and finding solution to this issue to avoid environmental catastrophe could threaten Yemen and its future.

He held Houthi militia full responsibility on hindering efforts of sending UN team to do maintenance work to the tanker, denouncing Houthi falsified media campaign to cover their blackmail regarding this issue.

On Riyadh Agreement, he confirmed that continuous rejection of the so-called the Southern Transitional Council on retreating the so called “self- management” and its continuous illegal acts make the council mere an armed militia with no legitimacy.

He pointed out that the international community should consider the council illegal rebel entity if it does not implement Riyadh Agreement, condemning recent seizure of the funds of the Central Bank of Yemen owned by all Yemeni people.

For their part, the ambassadors expressed their support to efforts of UN envoy for reaching to inclusive and permanent solution to Yemen’s crisis and expressed their concern over deterioration of Safir tanker’s condition and necessity of making solution to avoid any environmental catastrophe in the region.

The ambassadors confirmed significance of implementing Riyadh Agreement and exerting efforts for restoring security and stability in the transitional capital Aden.


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