VP hails heroic battles have been fought by the troops to put down Houthi militia’s coup


September Net

Vice President of the Republic (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh highly praised great sacrifices have been made by the national military troops along with local resistance fighters backed by the Saudi-Led Arab Coalition in support of legality in Yemen in the ongoing fighting against Iran-allied Houthi militiamen.

The Vice President’s remarks came during two phone calls he conducted with the Minister of Defense (Lt Gen) Mohammed al-Maqdashi and the General Chief of Staff (Lt Gen) Saghear bin Aziz.

The Vice President said” These heroic battles which are being fought by the government’s troops are a typical example of the national military’s courage, patriotism and sense of responsibility against the most vicious imamate’s attack on the Republic and national gains”.

The Vice President expressed thanks and gratitude to the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for their key role in support of legality and Yemeni people against Houthi militia’s coup and sectarian scheme.


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