VP meets with US Ambassador to Yemen

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Vice President of the Republic (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh met Thursday with the American Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen Christopher Henzel.

The session aimed to discuss the latest developments in the national scene and bilateral relations between the two countries in different spheres.

The Vice President reiterated that the legitimate leaderships stance efforts headed by President Hadi is very keen to make peace and to implement the Riyadh Agreement as a significate step to unify the Yemenis. Within this context he expressed thanks and gratitude to the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the sponsor of the agreement.

Mohsen touched upon the continuous escalation by Houthi militia that deliberately targeting civilians by ballistic missiles and drones in different Yemeni regions and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He stated that the militia has continued to refuse to come to peace, turn down the UN’s calls for cease-fire and devote the efforts to control coronavirus pandemic.

The Vice President blamed Houthi rebel militia for refusing to come to peace and going on further escalation and atrocities against the Yemeni people.

He stated that the militia has taken racist and sectarian measures that further worsening the Yemeni peoples’ suffering, promoting an ethnic-divisive culture.

” These racist and sectarian practices have made it clear that the militia has never been a peace-seeker, meanwhile the legitimate government has reacted constructively to all calls by the UN and its special envoy to Yemen”, said Mohsen.

The US Ambassador reiterated his country’s support for the legitimate government and the UN envoy’s efforts to make peace in Yemen.


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