Spokesman: Army attains significant gains on the ground east of Sanaa & militia suffered nonstop defeats


September Net

The spokesman for the Yemen’s armed forces, Brig. Gen. Abdu Mujali, confirmed that the army has advanced and took control of a number of sites in Salb and Najd al-Ataq in Nihm district, east of Sana’a province.

In a statement to September Net, Mujali said that the army and the popular resistance succeeded to break the rebel Houthi militia, which tried to sneak into some positions in the combat fronts.

He also affirmed that the Arab coalition aircraft had targeted with great precision the enemy sites, equipment and weapons.

He pointed out that the continued fighting during the past week resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of militia elements, and the capture of others, in addition to the recovery of a large amount of weapons and ammunition.

The official spokesman stated that the terrorist Houthi militias continue to target civilians in Ma’rib, Al-Bayda, and Al-Hodeidah provinces, with missiles, drones, and projectiles, in violation of international norms and laws.

He appealed to the Yemeni tribes in the Houthi-controlled areas to resist the Houthi militias, not to allow their children to be sent to the militia fronts, and not to believe their misleading media.

The spokesman for the armed forces appealed to the International Red Cross to collect the bodies of the dead Houthi militia from mountains and valleys.

He also honored the logistical and air support provided by the Arab coalition supporting Yemeni legitimate government led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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